Our email service is an easy, hassle free way for our clients to get email@yourdomain.com . There are many benefits that come with having your own, personalized company email system. The number one reason for businesses to invest in personalized email accounts is privacy. With all the tracking done these days for advertising and marketing, it is important to know that your business's email is private and confidential. In stark contrast to many free email hosts, we don't mine your email for personal data or information.

In addition to security and privacy, this type of email offers a level of professionalism that free addresses cannot supply. When an email comes seemingly directly from your website, your business automatically gains legitimacy. This type of communication tool can also be used as a sort of "free promotion" for your business. Anytime anyone outside of the business is communicating with someone inside the business (for any reason), they are exposed to your company name.

Whether you are a young business or have been around for years, having personalized webmail accounts is a great way to boost the professional nature of your company. Ready to get started? Get in contact with Yawig and we will walk you through the necessary steps to set up your new webmail system. We pride ourselves in an email service that is easy to use with any system (Outlook, Android, iPhone, Thunderbird) or from any browser in the world. We look forward to hearing from you!