Vulnerability Testing

As a business owner, you are responsible for making sure every piece of valuable data is secure. Similar to the way you walk around a house and check for open windows or unlocked doors, being confident in the security of your business can result in priceless peace of mind.

Vulnerability testing is a great tool to help you achieve that peace of mind. Simply put, vulnerability testing is a non-invasive scan used to find potential security vulnerabilities. A vulnerability test is a security check that enables businesses to gain valuable information on how well their sensitive data is being protected. The test will aid in finding any major or minor weaknesses in security, and identifying out of date software that may cause vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability testing is an important component of security standards for many groups, including ecommerce and healthcare among others.  If you accept credit cards, store personal information about your clients, or have sensitive information that needs protecting, vulnerability testing is a critical part of maintaining your security standards.  If you have tested before, we urge you to test again on a regular schedule. Vulnerability testing regularly allows for constant, up-to-date affirmation of your security. Regular testing also contributes to building confidence against newly developed threats. In the event that any holes in security are found during your company’s vulnerability test, we are able to help you mend the holes and re-evaluate your IT structure.

We recommend vulnerability testing as a means of preparing your business against potential threats. When your business participates in vulnerability testing, you are ensuring that the doors are locked and the windows are shut – ultimately leaving yourself with a secure network – and of course, some peace of mind.

The sooner you start the vulnerability testing process, the sooner you can rest assured that you are operating on a more secure system. Get started now by filling out our contact us form.