Are you experiencing sluggish or corrupt downloads? Does your webpage take a long time to load? Does your webpage timeout unexpectedly? All of these symptoms are signs of a server in need. When a server has stopped functioning the way it was meant to, it can lead to frustrating experiences for everyone involved.

Server optimization is a service that reviews the entire server to help determine where the current resources are going, and what resource is the limiting factor. It is a great means by which to improve a server's overall performance. After the entire server has been reviewed, it will be optimized as necessary. Most servers can use optimizations of the filesystem, webserver, and database server.

Ultimately, server optimization works to help you get the most out of your current server. With a fully optimized server, your site will be running as fast and efficiently as possible given your resources and budget. Not sure if server optimization is right for you? Even if you don't notice a sluggish server or webpage timeouts, server optimization can also ensures that your site is running on a clean and healthy server. It also guarantees that you are getting the most out of all the resources you have available.

We encourage anybody who has yet to experience server optimization to get in touch with us and see what it could do for you and your online experience. Your server could have the potential to operate quicker, better and more efficiently — you just might not know it yet. Ready to get started? Get in contact with us and we will happily walk you through the next steps of server optimization. We look forward to hearing from you soon!