No matter what your online presence looks like, the Internet is a common place where businesses can experience a breach in security. Hackers are present in large quantities attacking both websites and servers frequently and aggressively. Server hardening works to lock down and secure servers leaving them more protected against the threats faced online. Hardening is an imperative security measure to help remain as secure as possible.

For many businesses and individuals, it can be difficult to feel confident in server security. Server hardening works to minimize exposure to present and future threats by analyzing and removing those threats. It also helps protect against unknown threats. All of this leaves the server more prepared to defend against hackers.

We harden the system itself as well as system services such as, (but not limited to):

  • Apache
  • SSH
  • Bind
  • MySQL

Our server hardening service also includes the use of intrusion detection and prevention systems. These advanced systems take network security to a whole new level. These systems make monitoring a network much easier as they are constantly on the look out for any malicious activity. The systems are able to watch malicious activity from start to finish - first identifying it, and then logging any relevant information. From there, these systems have the ability to attempt to stop the activity and either way report that the activity has been spotted.

Security is not a once and done thing. For more ongoing support make sure to check out server management. It includes everything you see here as well as monitoring and proactive updates.

Overall, the act of server hardening is an ideal way to prepare your server for the worst. Through this act of preparation, you will be better equipped to deal with any security threats that your network or site encounters on the Internet. Not sure if server hardening is right for you? Get in touch with Yawig and one of our highly trained associates will be happy to help you figure out the answers to your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!