Server Management

Managing your server is a time consuming part of maintaining an online presence. For that reason, Yawig offers robust server management services. At Yawig, we aim to be completely transparent in helping you understand what this service means for you and your company.

Our server management service includes a complete IT server staff to keep watch over the server, updating and troubleshooting as necessary. This staff is part of a highly trained team that works confidently and swiftly to ensure that issues are resolved as soon as possible. Server management also includes the proactive monitoring of the server and its health. If any abnormalities or issues arise, our team investigates and works to resolve the issue on your behalf. This means ongoing support for your sever and any problems found. Support for the operating system and server software is included in this. Best of all, server management is already included in all our VPS prices! Because of our commitment to customer service and being available when you need us, we provide management for all of our virtual private servers.

So, what exactly are we monitoring? For many business owners, it can be confusing to try and understand how this service is helping their business. For one, detailed server load monitoring is put in place to help ensure that the business is operating within normal boundaries. We monitor detailed disk IO (speed) levels to confirm that hard drives are not slowing down your system. We monitor RAM to verify that the system is operating within normal memory usage limits. Furthermore, our complex website monitoring allows us to be certain that all functions on all pages are performing properly. This type of monitoring gives a critical, real-world view of the server and its health.

All of this monitoring allows us to continually keep an eye on your system's performance. This is a great idea for any business because it allows us to work constantly to make sure that your system is operating at its peak efficiency. Monitoring your system means proactively caring for your system. Instead of a few routine checks to make sure your system is healthy, server monitoring allows problems to be met with solutions as soon as they are found.

In addition, our server management service includes proactive server security updates. Proactive server security updates mean that your security tactics are updated as necessary, without your request. At Yawig, we strongly believe that security is not a "once and done" process. In order to be effective, security needs constant evaluation for potential improvements. It's an ongoing process.

Server management is an intensely important part of your business. That is why we offer dependable, responsive and all encompassing service. Still not sure if our services are right for you? We understand how intimidating these services can be for those not familiar with the IT industry. We are happy to help anybody determine what, if any, of our services make sense for their needs. Get in touch with us and we will help you through the process– we look forward to hearing from you.