Dedicated Servers

When managing an online presence, you will be responsible for finding what type of hosting solution is right for you. In the right situation, dedicated servers can be the quickest and most effective choice available. A dedicated server consists of one single machine dedicated to the needs of an entire network.

Dedicated servers can improve the efficiency of large sites and often save money for small sites. If you are running a large, busy website, dedicated servers can mean a huge difference in performance. Our dedicated servers consist of top-of-the-line, enterprise grade hardware for networking, power and server purposes. In addition to the best hardware, our dedicated servers include advanced monitoring. Dedicated servers are well suited for special environments that are isolated or have special requirements such as:

  • Credit Card Processors
  • High Security Environments
  • Sensitive Data
  • Custom Software Requirements
  • Customer Service Needs
  • Critical Speed/Performance
  • High Disk Storage Needs (Photographers, Videographers)
  • High RAM Needs
  • High Processing Power Needs


What makes dedicated servers different? Since there is a machine dedicated solely to your network, that machine is entirely customizable. Dedicated servers are completely under the control of the customer meaning you can reboot whenever you deem it necessary and install any programs that the hardware can handle.  This element of control results in predictable, dependable service.

The difference between a VPS and dedicated server can be blurry. If you still are unsure about the difference between a dedicated server and a VPS solution, we can help you understand the distinction.  Yawig can assist you by carefully looking at your site, network and use of hosting resources to determine which choice makes sense for your particular needs. 

Ready to move forward? Get in touch with Yawig and we will personally and professionally help you figure out if a dedicated server is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you!