Custom Server Builds

In a lot of ways, a server is like the foundation of your business. A healthy server can mean a big difference in whether your network and website are running smoothly and efficiently. If you have unique software or business needs, it may be beneficial for you to have a custom server built.

Custom dedicated servers can be built to provide performance for special software including IDS systems, firewalls, vulnerability scanning software, penetration testing software, large-scale male servers, large-scale web servers, game servers, and bitcoin mining servers. That list is not all encompassing – severs can be built to handle a variety of specific needs. All of our custom server builds include the basic installation of OS and software.

Custom server builds are a great server solution for companies because they are fitted, designed and built with your company’s needs and vision in mind.  With our help, a custom server can mean the best possible server for your company. Custom servers have the ability to make sure that your investments in software and IT resources have a sufficient hardware basis to really shine and work for you.

Not sure what you would need in a custom server? Not even sure if a custom server is right for you? No problem! We are here to help. If you choose to work with Yawig, we can help you deliberate between all of your server options and steer you in the right direction.

Custom servers allow you to alter specifications and software, heightening their ease of use and efficiency. We highly recommend this service – especially if your company has unique or high maintenance needs. What could be a better foundation for your business than a server built with intent and precision to your requirements? Please contact us today and one of our associates will be happy to work with you to custom build your server. We look forward to hearing from you!