Green Initiatives

We hold our relationship with the environment and our surrounding community very dearly.  As a company, we have a serious commitment to protecting the environment we live in – any way we can. We are careful to take sustainability and social responsibility into consideration when making choices that affect the way our products are made. A huge part of our strategy is reliant on choosing the most eco-friendly providers (including everything from raw materials to data center choices).

We carefully select suppliers, partners and providers in order to enhance our ability to produce products and services that meet green standards.  Our manufacturers are part of EICC organizations and strive to reduce use of limited resources.  We are careful to select products that take political awareness, carbon footprints and renewable resources into consideration. This allows us to be confident in our knowledge that any resources we use were obtained responsibly. It also helps to limit the use of non-renewable resources to the best of our ability.

Servers and data centers require a tremendous amount of energy. We select eco-friendly server and data center choices in order to have the largest possible positive effect on energy use. These choices allow our company to leave a smaller carbon footprint and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

At Yawig, we are proud to be dedicated to protecting the environment we live in. We continually look for industry leaders in performance and social responsibility in order to make the best decisions for the company and our clients.  We revel in the fact that we are a socially conscious company and adamantly strive to make ourselves “greener” as opportunities present themselves.

Why does this matter? It matters for a multitude of reasons. Beyond the fact that we alone are responsible for our contributions to the environment, we believe in leaving a positive mark.  We want our products to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This green initiative helps us to feel good about what our company stands for and works with us to minimize any negative effects our products (or their production) have on the environment.